What is Coaching and How Can It Help My Company Grow?

Business Coaching


He who has the problem, has the solution.


What is a coach? 

To illustrate the impact a successful business coaching can have, listen to the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, said about hiring Bill Campbell in Fortune’s The Best Idea I Ever Got:


“A coach is somebody who looks at something with another set of eyes, describes it to you in [his] words, and discusses how to approach the problem. Once I realized I could trust him and that he could help me with perspective, I decided this was a great idea. When there is [a] business conflict you tend to get rat-holed into it. [Bill’s] general advice has been to rise one step higher, above the person on the other side of the table, and to take the long view. He’ll say, “You’re letting it bother you. Don’t.”


Business coaching can play a critical role in the success of your company but it might not be what you expect. I don’t have all the answers, you do. You are the expert at your company, you are the expert at being you and only you know how to create the company that you want to build. My job is to listen to what you want, guide you towards peeling back layers and develop the process to get there WITH you, like a roadmap with benchmarks (or KPI’s) and feedback loops built in.


I watch, listen and steer you towards paths that you walk yourself. I do my best work when I help you change your perspective so you can see things differently, pointing out blind spots or missing skills.


Results matter

It’s not about your feelings, it’s about your performance and results. A critical component of business coaching is accountability. You will never see a football coach run laps of the field for their team. The very same fact is true of a business coach. Ultimately, the coaching process empowers members to maximize their personal and business potential.


I will remind you to keep your commitments, act as a sounding board and, when needed, hold a mirror in front of you, highlighting your business and personal blind spots. As I support your growth, by helping you achieve a higher state of performance, you’ll cultivate a stronger sense of ownership, build trust in your team, focus on what matters, all resulting in a hugely successful business.


When the leader develops, so will the company.


Coaches track goals by creating key performance metrics (KPIs) that make the journey to reaching them very transparent.  I will keep track and measure progress that you may avoid recording on your own. When the journey is transparent, this will hold you very accountable.

Is coaching like consulting? 

A business coach is not a consultant. I will not do the work for you in your business. It’s your company, not mine. I don’t teach practical business skills, instead I may lead you to the discovery of what skills you may be missing so you can obtain those skills yourself. My sole job is to keep you focused on the end result YOU want and remind you why it is important.


In coaching, fundamentally, the coach is helping the individual to improve their own performance: in other words, helping them discover what to learn. Good coaches believe that the individual always has the answer to their own problems but understands that they may need help to find the answer.


Often it comes down to what’s called the “inner game” which takes place within each of our minds, and we often struggle with obstacles such as fear, self-doubt, lapses in focus, and limiting concepts or assumptions. These self-imposed obstacles prevent individuals and companies from accessing their full potential. I quiet self-interference by asking questions, so you’re able to tap into your natural abilities with greater ease.


But, all of the inner work will be focused on developing, marketing and selling products and services that developers, owners and larger firms actually want to buy. I will not act as quasi-psychologists. Although there is value in hiring therapists, psychologists and life coaches, that is not what a business coach does.


Instead, it’s about helping real business owners grow real businesses as a result of discovering breakthroughs and implementing proven best-practice systems and processes. Because many of these systems are complex and difficult to implement, I help focus you, keeping you accountable over the course of months or years, towards an even larger growth of systemic growth and development.


Effective coaching has the ability to transform your business, but only if you are ready to do the work needed to transform yourself.


  • Vivian Mandala is the founder of CMC Network and has worked in NY Construction for over 20 years, most of which was as a Contractor. She is now a Construction Business Coach. In 2017 Vivian, along with a group of dedicated Contractors, CM’s, GCs and Developers, started CMC Workforce, a long term in depth construction training program. Vivian enjoys the personal connections she makes through her coaching and seeing the lasting changes that she sees her clients benefit from year after year.

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