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“I was an IT recruiter for Wall Street prior to being in Insurance. And in 2008, when the recession hit, it was a forced change of career…I love what I do. I’ve been doing Insurance since 2008….what is that? 14 years?”


I’m José Plessman, Creative Writer at CMC Network, and this week I’m speaking with Benjamin Markan, Partner & Vice President at REMCO Agency, and after 14 years in the Insurance Industry, he’s learned a couple of things. 

“No business owner is the same”


“Everyone has a different thought about their business, how they want to protect their business and where they’re going in the future. 


Some people are complacent where they are. Others want to see how they can grow and take their business to the next level. So it’s really about treating each customer the way they want to be treated, not having a standard phrase for each customer.”


During my conversation with Ben, I was reminded of the famous quote, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

Not just an insurance agent, but an owner


It quickly became clear that Ben was not a typical insurance agent. I asked him about the firm and learned that he was an owner! “I want to have my hand on the wheel, and I want to be able to create a good workplace full of opportunities. It’s not just about me, it’s about the team.” That’s something all knowledgeable business owners have in common. Everything significant that we do is a team effort.


The team mentality guides his process with new clients, which is more educational than sales-oriented. He does not assume what they want, but first has a conversation to find out what they want. “That’s always done verbally, never by email, because there’s way too much to understand to write an email.”


Ben starts by listening to your goals, what you want to accomplish and what obstacles he sees standing in your way.


Once you have built your business, it’s important to understand how insurance can protect you and what you are building. “I’ll put the puzzle in front of you and we will put it together together.”


He realizes that insurance is often the most expensive item and focuses on helping you understand what you are paying for.



Be a Learner, not a Knower


You’re never going to know everything. There’s never a point that you’re going to know it all, you will learn a lesson every day, there will be something new that you’ll pick up every day. That even though you’ve been doing this for 14 years, you might be an owner in a company, it doesn’t matter, you’re still always the student.


In order for us to enjoy life to the fullest, we must constantly look for ways to improve. Even in our own businesses, we should strive to help in areas that are outside our comfort zone. It’s pretty obvious that Ben understands and embraces this concept.


In construction, we are often hired for our expertise, as “knowers” rather than “learners,” so it can be quite difficult to switch between the two. But companies from around the world have realized the benefits of learning instead of knowing. Billion-dollar companies like Zappos and Facebook are investing heavily in innovation. As an industry, we often struggle to look at things differently and improve processes.


We have all heard a steadfast construction worker say: “This works fine, we have been doing it this way for 30 years.” Maybe you are that person! But it’s clear that growth and success come from the ability to adapt and learn.


Across the board, he advises clients: “you’re not expected to know everything, ask questions.”


Would you like to learn more about Ben and how he helps clients of all sizes protect their company? Listen to his podcast episode on Constructing a Business!



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