John Lennon Together Quote CMC Network

John Lennon Together Quote CMC Network

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream.

A dream you dream together is reality.” 

John Lennon


We have a strong instinct to belong to small groups defined by clear purpose and understanding; tribes. This connection has been largely lost in modern society, but regaining is the key to our progress as NYC Contractors.

CMC Network’s purpose is to build a professional and sustainable construction ecosystem that’s as diverse as the city we live in. Our goal is to bring Construction Contractors together under a common purpose and teach them flourish in small and effective groups where support and coaching happens organically.


How Does NYC Rank in the WBE and MBE Benchmarks?

Within NYC the 5 largest ethnic groups are:

White (Non-Hispanic) (31.9%)

Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (21.7%)

Asian (Non-Hispanic) (14.1%)

Other (Hispanic) (14%)

White (Hispanic) (10.4%)


Currently construction projects have WBE and MBE benchmarks at 30% or lower and consistently fail to hit those benchmarks. 

NYC WBE and MBE benchmarks should align to the city’s makeup of 68.1% non-white. City residents should be building the city.


This begs the questions: 

Why are the benchmarks so low?

Why are Developers and GC/CMs struggling to hit them? 


Small contractors without the necessary infrastructure cannot manage larger scale projects effectively, and often underbid them. The first change order can wipe them out. 

Often small contractors need help to get out of contracts they underbid and couldn’t perform because their infrastructure and operations weren’t ready. 

This is catastrophic on many levels. Workers leave, faith in management is destroyed.  Vendors go unpaid, and refuse to do new business, and the well intentioned contractor’s reputation takes a hit, often one that the small contractor may not come back from.

Large General Contractors sometimes use small MBE and WBE Contractors as a stop gap on projects, stringing them along with little or no payment with the promise of more work.


Nothing is more devastating than thinking you’ve arrived, when actually you’ve been used. 


Why does this happen?  Because the MBE and WBE Contractors are often working alone, with no support system, no advisors and no idea of what their infrastructure and operations should be doing in the first place.


CMC Network MBE Contractor


With CMC Network, MBE and WBE Contractors Are Not Alone

Members of CMC Network are never alone. We not only partner you with professional advisors who are available to answer your questions, we also create a network of specific peer organizations that become your tribe. 

This unique tribe will be there for you, engaging in any and all aspects to advise you as you grow, stabilize, and thrive in New York City Construction.  


Say goodbye to underbidding.


Say goodbye to being used by the GC.


Say hello to ecosystems, networking, knowledge, support, and higher revenue streams.


Now you break the mold. Just because “we have always done it this way” doesn’t mean that it’s the best way for you. More importantly, it usually means “stop doing it that way!”  You’ll find that the status quo is very often the reason good people fail.  We live and work in changing times.  We must learn to change with the times or get left behind.  Adapt and Overcome is how we evolve.  


We invite you to become a member of CMC Network where your needs are important and you have an opportunity to give as much as you receive.

You are no longer alone. 


  • Vivian Mandala is the founder of CMC Network and has worked in NY Construction for over 20 years, most of which was as a Contractor. She is now a Construction Business Coach. In 2017 Vivian, along with a group of dedicated Contractors, CM’s, GCs and Developers, started CMC Workforce, a long term in depth construction training program. Vivian enjoys the personal connections she makes through her coaching and seeing the lasting changes that she sees her clients benefit from year after year.

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