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We know hard copies of documents and plans can be an issue for contractors.

Of course, paper copies would not be so bad if it weren’t for all the paper… And the work! But that’s in the past, for the most part. Creating digital processes for storage, retrieval and filing is the new challenge. Consolidated information in a single space can be incredibly useful, avoiding hours of filing, especially when it comes to engaging with City agencies.


That’s why today we’re discussing PASSPort, highlighting all the benefits of this time and resource-saving portal:

  • “Improved service through radical transparency, so vendors can see how the procurement process works, how long it takes, and where any particular contract is at any given time.
  • A simpler solicitation process for all contractors, which is especially helpful for new vendors, small businesses, community-based nonprofit organizations, and Minority and Women-Owned Businesses (M/WBEs).
  • Information sharing among agencies, so contracts can be finalized more quickly.
  • Greater collaboration and support between agencies, and contractors through an online workspace, and ​redesigned business practices.
  • Greater accessibility to City contracting opportunities.
  • More timely registration of contracts and payment of invoices.”


Take a few minutes (if you haven’t yet) to look at PASSPort’s Portal. You’ll be able to see the City’s contracting opportunities and search for specific ones by keyword, commodity, agency, program, or industry. Every year more and more of the City’s Agencies are joining, most recently DDC.

There are a few different types of requests the City sends out: “Request for Qualifications (RFQ), Requests for Information (RFI), Requests for Proposals (RFP), Requests for Expressions of Interest (RFEIs), and Invitations to Bid (ITB)”.


It’s a good idea to come familiar with the acronyms that are embedded in the requests, they each mean something slightly different (sometimes they don’t).


Check here for answers to some frequently asked questions about bidding or check this quick video tutorial if you need further guidance on how to navigate the platform.

PASSPort was created as a digital procurement system of the City of New York, designed by the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (MOCS) to streamline Citywide procurement with “a complete, end-to-end process that is transparent, easy to access, paperless, and more timely. Designed with and for vendors, PASSPort leverages technology to address long-standing issues and make it easier to do business with the City of New York.”

If you haven’t guessed already, I’m a fan. And I strongly urge you to sign up.


Here’s an easy two-step process to create a PASSPort account:

  1. Create an NYC.ID through this link using a valid email address.
    • If you have an HHS Accelerator Account or a Payee Information Portal (PIP) log in, the information will be the same when you log into PASSport
    • Keep in mind that it may take between one to two business days to receive an email notification with your account information.
    • If it is not approved, you will receive an email providing the next steps.
  2. Once you have your NYC.ID login to PassPort with this link and request a Vendor account for your organization.
    • Once finished, your request will be assigned to a MOCS team member to further process your application. You’ll receive an email notification within one to two business days.
    • When your account is approved, proceed to complete the vendor enrollment package (a series of business questions and disclosures submitted online).
    • After the enrollment package is reviewed and approved, the enrollment status for your organization will update to “Filed.”


Here are a few visual and written resources while you’re getting used to this system: a one-sheet on how to create a vendor accounta compilation of user materials, guides, and videos; and an additional page of frequently asked questions about all their processes.

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