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Strategic Planning CMC Network

You’re considering joining the team. That’s great news! 


You’ve weighed the pros and cons, done a little poking around on the website and now you are ready to step into your future where your business runs smoothly. Sitting down to fill out the member form will take a few minutes, but the fun begins after you click the payment button. 


First, you’ll get an email from me letting you know how much we appreciate you taking the step to make your life, company and city better. Then you can sit back and bask in your great decision-making skills. 


The following day, you’ll get another email from me outlining the first program you’ll be starting that very same day! 


It’s our Foundational Program and, when you are done, you’ll have all your foundational ducks in a row. If you are already set, you’ll zoom right through. But if you are like I was when I was a contractor, there will likely be some gaps; this is where we’ll address them. 




First, you will meet with Josh Spitalnik, our construction lawyer, makes sure you are ready to move forward in the field and your legal paperwork is in order. Not only does Josh help our members at the front end of the process, but he stands ready if/when our members need his professional advisement. 


If you do not have to have your ducks in order before going through this process, the idea is to walk you through the process, see where there are gaps and address them so when you move to the next step, you have a solid plan with a trusted advisor to get you where you need to be. 




Once you have met with Josh, she will then introduce you to Adriane Shaffer of WithumSmith+Brown, who works with our members within accounting. She’s going to have some questions for you around your bookkeeping and basic accounting.


Again, she has a questionnaire about where you are with your accounting, taxes, bookkeeping, etc. 


How do you keep your books? Do you do them yourself or have someone else take care of them? Do you/they use a spreadsheet or accounting software? What’s your accounting process and procedure? 


Again, Adriane is here to help you set up your accounting — if you need it; if you need to spend a little time with Adriane getting things together, you’ll have it! 




But what happens if you are set up? She’ll move you to Oliver Dirks, who helps with insurance. He makes sure you have the right insurance for the projects you’ll be working towards.


Coaching and strategy


Once Oliver has wrapped up his work, he’s going to send you to me!  I work with each of our members as a Construction Business Coach, creating strategies for small and medium businesses


Our goal is to help you move through the Foundational Program as smoothly and quickly as possible. The faster you respond to our teams’ questions and the more engaged you are in the process, the faster we can get you moving in the right direction and onto the right project for where you are in your growth cycle. 


There’s only one way to go from here: Up.


  • Vivian Mandala is the founder of CMC Network and has worked in NY Construction for over 20 years, most of which was as a Contractor. She is now a Construction Business Coach. In 2017 Vivian, along with a group of dedicated Contractors, CM’s, GCs and Developers, started CMC Workforce, a long term in depth construction training program. Vivian enjoys the personal connections she makes through her coaching and seeing the lasting changes that she sees her clients benefit from year after year.

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