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“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
Milton Berle


How can we support you? What does support look like to you?


As a business owner, you need opportunities that will increase your business’ capacity. Participating in City programs will enable you to keep growing your company.


The opportunity we’re highlighting today is the School Construction Authority (SCA) Mentor and Graduate Program.


SCA Mentor Programs seek to provide MBEs, WBEs and Local Business Enterprises (LBEs) firms with “contracting opportunities, valuable training, access to bonding and loan programs, capacity building, and technical assistance resources.”


Here are the details on how each of the Mentor Programs can offer support for your business’ growth:


SCA Mentor Program


A four-year program that pairs MBE, WBE and LBE Contractors with Construction Managers that “provide individualized on-the-job training and guidance.” Here are the benefits:


    • Prequalified and certified companies, in exchange for a multi-year commitment, have the opportunity to bid against other Mentor firms for projects estimated up to $750K.
    • Mentor Loan Program, giving access to capital for Small Contractors. Firms that participate in the Mentor Program are eligible to apply for loans up to $150K, generally tied to the contract value.
    • Construction and Information Technology Training, delivering classroom programs that offer training in a variety of disciplines.
    • Surety Bond Program, receiving assistance applying for and obtaining surety bonding – a requirement for performing.


SCA Graduate Mentor Program


A two-year program for MBE, WBE and LBE companies that successfully completed and graduated from the Mentor Program to:


    • Transition from smaller projects to engaging in the SCA’s Capital Improvement Program and
    • Bid against other Graduate Mentor firms for projects with an estimated value between $750K and $1MM.


What about MBE, WBE and LBE Participation in Construction and Consultant Subcontracts? What are the qualification requirements? How does your company get work?



How can you apply for SCA Mentor Program?


For your company to participate in this program, it’s needed to meet the following criteria:


    1. Be prequalified to do business with the SCA; learn how to get prequalified here: SCA Prequalification Page.
    2. Be certified as a Minority-Owned Business (MBE), Woman-Owned Business (WBE) or Locally-Based Enterprise (LBE); Learn how to become certified here: Certification Page.
    3. Provide at least two (2) references for commercial work – valued at no less than $25K each – in every trade for which it wishes to be qualified; and
    4. Have been in business for at least one (1) year.


It’s important to mention that because it’s targeted to the small contracting business community, any company:


    • Cannot exceed average gross sales of more than $2.1MM in the last three (3) calendar years; and
    • Must have no bonding capacity or less than $1MM bonding capacity.


To know more in detail about requirements, application process, or online certification, contact them!


What about MBE, WBE and LBE participation?


SCA mandates General Contractors to meet or exceed the goals of 20% subcontract participation for all Capital Improvement and Capacity Construction Projects valued at over $1MM.


How does your company get the work?


After a MBE, WBE and/or LBE firm gets its certification and pre-qualification approval letters from the SCA and is qualified in one of the Mentor-eligible trades, SCA states that “it becomes eligible for an invitation to participate in the program. 


Firms that meet the minimum eligibility requirements are assessed by our Scope BCM firm for program participation and are invited to attend an orientation session at which time they’re provided with a Mentor Participation Agreement. 


Once the firm returns a signed agreement and it’s approved, it’ll enter into the program. Once the firm enters into the program and completes all required classes, they’ll then automatically be included on bid lists based on the scope of work of the project and their approved trade codes.”


Knock here to schedule a meeting and discuss growing your business with us, We’re here to help you build your business and find more doors to open.


To watch how we’ve helped our members, check out their stories on our Podcast: Constructing a Business on Youtube, Spotify and/or Anchor platforms.

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