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As you know, the greatest chance any Contractor has of bidding on projects is by creating connections; with teams involved in private or public projects, referrals, networking, City programs, marketing, and/or word of mouth. 


Can we guarantee you’ll win these projects? No.

Can we expose you to a wide variety of opportunities? Yes

Will we help you prepare for them? Yes.


We help NYC MBE & WBE Contractors build their businesses. Part of building your business is being aware of all the resources available to you and where you can go for additional guidance.


Last week we discussed HPD’s Build Up Program, which is aimed at giving Developers specific MBE & WBE Benchmarks for their projects. This ultimately helps MBE & WBE Contractors as long as you are registered. 


Read more about it here.


This week, we’ll touch on their Build OUT Program, where HPD aims to help its partners identify potential Contractors or professional service providers to work on affordable housing projects. How do they achieve this?


HPD Build-Out Seminar Series


Their goal in one sentence: create a better understanding of project development, project readiness, and capacity building for Developers, GCs, Sub-Contractors, and Suppliers.



Your way to getting the knowledge and experience is by joining the upcoming events posted on the NYC HPD’s Eventbrite page. The next one is on Tuesday, April 26th. I suggest joining the next few online events to learn more. They are doing a great job of making the information accessible during these events, so be sure to make time.


RSVP here!


In January we wrote about the City’s Comptroller Grade Card, which I would encourage you to read more about here. It’s important to note that HPD has historically done the best of any City Agency to ensure that their MBE & WBE benchmarks are met.


They also had one of the highest benchmarks – at 40% as opposed to most other agencies such as DCP and DDC reaching between 10% and 20% – for this year’s Making the Grade report.

If you need to become MBE or WBE Certified with the City: 


Read our blog to learn more!


Schedule a meeting with us to provide more clarity on how we can create a strategic roadmap for your company.

Constructing a Business? Listen to learn how our members built their businesses on Spotify or Anchor.

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