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Today’s opportunity is the Department of Design and Construction’s (DDC) Mentoring Program. Here are the basics:


What is it? 


It’s a program designed to prepare qualified MBE and WBE contractors who want to work with the City of New York’s Department of Design and Construction (DDC). Companies participating “are mentored by industry experts and have the opportunity to bid on contracts valued at up to $1.5 million. Program participants receive customized business assessments, business growth planning, industry training, and experience.


What are the eligibility requirements? 


Eligible companies must:


  • Be a Construction Firm
  • Be a MBE and/or WBE certified by NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) or a qualified small business (learn about the intake process here).
    (A qualified small business is an independently owned and operated non-M/WBE with average annual gross revenue between $150,000 and $500,000 during the last three calendar years)
  • Have average annual gross revenue between $150,000 and $2.5 million during the last three calendar years
  • Have at least two references valued at $25,000 individually for each trade of its prequalification request
  • Be in business for one year or more


Are there any specialized trades needed?


Yes! Following Construction companies are encouraged to apply: 


  • Concrete 
  • Electrical 
  • General Contracting 
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) 
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing

Check out more about their program here.

nyc construction, public plazas, ddc, mentoring program, union square

How do you enroll in DDC’s Mentoring Program?


Here’s the process:


  1. Register for DDC Anywhere as a “Bidder/Proposer/Mentor” 
  2. Click on the Mentoring Access Portal (MAP) icon and 
  3. Complete the Eligibility Screening Questionnaire to determine if your business meets the preliminary qualifications 
  4. Upon completion and preliminary qualification approval, you will receive access to the Mentoring Program application 
  5. Complete the application forms and upload supporting documents


For visual step-by-step guidance, review or download these instructions explaining how to apply to the program!


IMPORTANT NOTE: DDC cannot complete the application review process until the vendor has completed PASSPort enrollment. It is very important to complete the PASSPort enrollment prior to submitting an application for the mentoring program.


Learn here how to enroll in PASSPort! 


Schedule a meeting to discuss how we can help get your business prepared to begin working on City projects. 

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