Jul 06
The critical role of a forward-thinking CFO

We were in a meeting with a CEO where they were describing the role of their…

Jun 29
5 Considerations for Employers as Employees Return to Work

As COVID restrictions are lifting, more and more companies are requesting, and…

Jun 22
It’s Never Too Late for Tax Planning

It may be the middle of the year, but it is never too early to start tax planning.  In…

Jun 15
Can Employers Require Employees to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine?

  As businesses are reopening, the vaccine is readily available, and companies…

Jun 08
What is Coaching and How Can It Help My Company Grow?

  He who has the problem, has the solution.   What is a coach?  To…

Jun 01
Calibrate communication

One of the most powerful tools we have as leaders, the one tool that can either spell…

May 25
Learn how to create feedback loops that lead to success

The human brain loves a challenge, but only if it is within an optimal zone of…

May 21
What are the seven important components of a construction contract?

As a lawyer in the construction industry, I am often asked what makes a project…

May 14
What does quality management look like in the construction industry?

When surveying most people in various parts of the construction industry —…

May 07
What do you need to know about getting your M/WBE or DBE certification?

Having personally been through the process of WBE certification and recertification…

Apr 30
What is the New York lien law and How can it help me get paid?

The New York Lien Law is a remedial tool that was enacted to allow laborers and…

Apr 23
How does CMC Network help your business be more successful?

You’re considering joining the team. That’s great news!    You’ve weighed…

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