Sep 28
Top 4 Advantages of utilizing Job Descriptions for Every Position in your Firm

We run into many businesses who don’t think they need job descriptions. Their reasons…

Sep 21
What every ambitious Contractor should know about the Requisition Cycle

What is a requisition? In Construction, the monthly requisition is the lifeline for…

Sep 14
Banking Relationships

Part of my duties here at the CMC Network is to help onboard new members.     I…

Sep 07
Why the top contractors in NYC invest in great bookkeeping 

All successful contractors have seen hard times.    At some point  (before they…

Aug 31
Growth through Adversity

Do you know someone who keeps on keeping on, no matter what life throws at them? …

Aug 24
Job Costing Best Practices

Job costing is a core practice in business. If you are in construction, it’s beyond…

Aug 17
How do apprenticeships help grow your workforce?

It is a constant struggle finding good workers. And the good workers you do have,…

Aug 10
How to Guide for Completing the Certified Payroll Report on Prevailing Wage Jobs

NYS Prevailing WageNYS Prevailing Wage Law: Understanding the Compliance…

Aug 03
NYS Prevailing Wage Law: Understanding the Compliance Requirements

NYS Prevailing WageNYS Prevailing Wage Law: Understanding the Compliance…

Jul 27
Change Orders in Construction

Most people in construction have heard the term “change order.”  In short, change…

Jul 20
Contractual Liability & Compliance — What are you responsible for?

Construction contracts have become quite ambiguous and, as such, open to…

Jul 13
Fair and competitive estimates

Previously, I wrote about the importance of maintaining a good set of accounting…

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