CMC Network is an active and engaged membership organization working to eliminate the obstacles New York City Women and Minority Based Contractors are confronted with every day. 


We do this through individual business coaching, workshops, consulting from qualified professionals, information sharing, networking, as well as business development so you can build your company’s capacity over time. 


As a CMC Network member you will gain access to ongoing strategic development with a variety of essential professionals. I invite you to view the videos below to see who we are. 


You’ll build capacity so that your company grows, stabilizes and prospers over time.  


As your company matures you’ll be positioned to bid on a variety of projects within NYC. 


We are grounded in education, networking, and strategic planning with one dedicated outcome: 


Developing your internal systems so you bid and win projects that enable you to scale successfully and profitably.


We look forward to working with you.

Thank you!

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