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We eliminate the obstacles New York City Contractors, specifically Women Based Enterprises (WBE) and Minority Based Enterprises (MBE), are confronted with every day through networking, capacity building and coaching.

Common Obstacles That Can Put a WMBE out of Business

  • Limited access to professional networks.
  • Outdated information on regulations and safety requirements.
  • Access to capital at competitive rates.
  • Lack of effective company infrastructure (operations and systems for coordination, reporting, communication, etc.)
  • Reactive or impulsive project procurement instead of strategic growth. (you’ve been there, I’m sure – you know that project you underbid and it almost wiped you out?)

As a CMC Network member, you will access ongoing strategic development with a variety of essential professionals. You’ll build capacity so that your company grows, stabilizes, and prospers.  

As your company matures you will be invited to bid on public and private projects within NYC. 

CMC Network is a multiple opportunity group providing education, networking, and strategic planning with a dedicated outcome: to get you bidding on and winning the “creme jobs”.

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We eliminate the obstacles WBE and MBE Contractors are confronted with every day through networking, capacity building and coaching.

Tired of Struggling to Develop Systems Alone? Become a Member and Gain Access to These Resources:
  • Network of like-minded Professionals
  • Construction Business Coaching
  • Foundational Program reviews Legal, Insurance, Accounting and Human Resources Processes & Systems
  • Courses & Workshops in Construction Compliance, Financial Development, Bonding, Human Resources, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Estimating and much more
  • Workforce Development & Training
  • Procurement & Logistics Development
  • Strategic Planning: Project Management & Record Keeping
About CMC Network

Strengthening Community

A concept seeded in 2015 through CMC Workforce, CMCNetwork was established to connect with and assist WBE & MBE contractors obtain stability in their businesses. 

By providing the resources, training and networking essential to building prosperous businesses, our members have grown into NYC’s next generation of contractors, developers and industry professionals.

Our Core Functions


Strategic Planning & Coordination

There’s a wealth of knowledgeable experts at your fingertips ready and willing to help, protect and guide as you grow and build.

Development & Capacity Building

Reactive businesses never last long, they must strategize. We help develop your roadmap so you’re making the strategic decisions that produce prosperity.

Systems & Long Term Viability

Through education, networking, and mentoring, you’ll build your capacity. As that capacity grows, so will your ability to bid on private and public projects that will challenge and reward you.

Network Resources

How We Build Capacity


Strategic Development . Capacity Building

Professional Resources

Networking . Contractor Partnerships

Strengthening Community

Networking . City & State Certifications


Insurance . Bonding . Risk Mitigation

Technical Consulting

Technology Integration . Financial Reporting

Project Team Building

Training . Systems Development

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CMN Project in Leeds

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Our Team

Foundational Program

Vivian Mandala


Joshua Spitalnik

The Law Office of Joshua D. Spitalnik, P.C.

Adriane M. Shaffer


Balanced Systems Risk Management

Cristina Amyot

Human Resources Consultant
Enform HR


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